Many companies make claims,
but if we had a nickel for every self-proclaimed “expert” out there...well, we’d have an awfully large pile of nickels. SynMedia has sucessfully implemented thousands of online promotions over the last 15 years with countless brands and partners.
Successful Social Media Management that Speaks Directly to your Audience
You can have peace of mind when it comes to social media management. Our proven techniques will strengthen fan interaction, create conversations and build relationships with Your audience.
Engage Fans & Create Incentive for Fan
Contests and promotions increase new traffic for your business while rewarding current customers. Attract consumers with exciting giveaways that celebrate your brand.
Connect With a Global Audience & Reach Millions of Active Users
Be assured that your message is reaching your target audience and more. Connect with your audience across multiple channels and secure your business in a digital market.
Build & Track Your Campaign Success with Detailed Analytics
Social media pages offer a unique market research opportunity. Quantify fan engagement, identify roadblocks and develop the most effective communication method for your campaign.
Through Social Media, Application Development and Contesting & Promotions, SynMedia will help you develop web experiences that identify and reward existing customers while bringing in new ones.

Contests and promotions through social media are key to quickly growing an interested fan base. Over the past 20 years, our creative team has built and administered thousands of contests and promotions resulting in millions of potential customers.

Secure your business in a digital market with active fan engagement and strategically designed pages. SynMedia can offer you custom Facebook pages, website management, content creation, community managers and much, much more.

SynMedia develops and manages applications for a variety of platforms, including all major social sites, mobile devices and web services. Our applications engage your fan base while providing analytics on what’s working and what isn’t.

With 20 years of experience, SynMedia has proven itself a nimble, creative and full-service online marketing agency. What sets us apart from the competition is a flexible network of partners, as well as in-house content specialists, who can address any specific need a client may have.



With 20 years of experience in digital media, SynMedia is a combination of entities and individuals coming together to form a digitally focused agency specializing in Social Media, Web/Application Development and Content/Promotions.

We are the team behind numerous successful Social Media campaigns and online assets for billion-dollar brands like Cirque du Soleil, Tommy Bahama, Harrah’s, MGM, Simon Group (Forum Shops at Caesars), J.M. Smuckers and The Carlyle Group, to name a few. Our diversity is our strength. We are tasked daily to drive business, put heads in beds, fill tables and to move merchandise.

We create engaging and effective social media marketing campaigns while helping our clients effectively communicate their message to their audience. We speak with hundreds of thousands of fans a day while also launching new liquor brands, nightclubs and restaurants.

We have had great success in not only building our client assets, but with their help and resources, we turn their social media assets into viable and quantifiable marketing platforms. With an experienced staff filled with content-creation specialists, we know how to effectively communicate with every segment of the audience.

SynMedia has been at the forefront of online contests and promotions for the past 15 years. Our creative team has administered thousands of contests and promotions resulting in millions of potential consumers for our clients and partners. By engaging consumers with exciting giveaways that celebrate your brand, businesses bring in huge amounts of potential new customers. Contests and promotions increase new traffic for your business while rewarding current customers, allowing consumers to connect with your brand while maintaining their interest. Contests and promotions also allow your business to collect specific data about consumers through custom-designed entry forms. SynMedia can design and manage any type of contest or promotion your business requires.

SynMedia offers modern business solutions to classic business needs. In developing custom applications for your business, SynMedia is able to engage consumers in dynamic and interactive ways to leave a lasting impression for your brand. Our vast experience in social media, online marketing, website building and content generation allows us to create and push applications that prove critical in separating your brand from the competition. Our user-friendly applications let potential customers connect directly with your business instead of passively looking at advertisements. Whether it’s a new iPhone app, a website or an application for Facebook, SynMedia has the tools and experience necessary to develop and enhance your business.

The Beatles Love
Close Me!

The Beatles Love

PROMOTION: Contest was promoted via The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil Facebook page, Beatles Official Facebook page, The Mirage Facebook page.
Facebook “Likes” at launch: 54,276
Facebook “Likes” contest at week 4: 71,876
Number of additional Facebook gain during duration of the promotion: 17,600 in 30 days
  • The Beatles Love

    The Beatles Love

    PROMOTION: Contest was promoted via The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil Facebook page, Beatles Official Facebook page, The Mirage Facebook page.
    Facebook “Likes” at launch: 54,276
    Facebook “Likes” contest at week 4: 71,876
    Number of additional Facebook gain during duration of the promotion: 17,600 in 30 days
  • MGM Luxor Las Vegas

    Luxor Las Vegas

    PROMOTION: Contest was promoted via Luxor’s Facebook page and 30 Wigibuy West Coast Facebook page assets.
    Facebook “Likes” at launch: 48,000
    Facebook “Likes” contest at week 6: 53,200
    Number of Facebook “Likes”: 5,200 in 15 days Number of entries: 7,498 in 15 days
  • R.W. Knudsen

    R.W. Knudsen

    PROMOTION: Contest was promoted via R.W. Knudsen’s Facebook page, our Facebook page assets and the cross-marketing partners.
    Facebook “Likes” at launch: 19,899
    Facebook “Likes” contest at week 6: 23,344
    Number of Facebook “Likes”: 3,445 in 35 days Number of entries: 16,971 in 35 days
  • Caesars Palace & PURE Las Vegas

    Caesars Palace & PURE Las Vegas

    PROMOTION: Contest was promoted via Caesars Palace Facebook page, Entourage Facebook page, PURE Nightclub Facebook page.
    Facebook “Likes” at launch: 16,750
    Facebook “Likes” contest at week 2: 39,690
    Number of Facebook “Likes”: 22,940 in 15 days Number of entries: 12,400 in 15 days
  • Viva Elvis

    Viva Elvis

    PROMOTION: Contest was promoted via Viva Elvis by Cirque du Soleil Facebook page, Elvis Official Facebook page, Aria Resort & Casino Facebook page.
    Facebook “Likes” at launch: 22,855
    Facebook “Likes” contest at week 4: 28,439
    Number of additional Facebook “Likes” during duration of the promotion: 5,584


Bill Fishkin

Bill has nearly 20 years experience with online media/marketing and publishing. His company, Synthesis, is a leader in the space. Over the past few years, Bill and his team have developed, implemented and executed numerous social media campaigns for major retail, fashion, nightclub, beverage and hotel brands.

Karen Potter

Karen has worked at Synthesis for more than 10 years overseeing everything from client relations to content production to contest administration. She’s worked with a variety of clients ranging from Boost Mobile to Sony Music. She has been the project manager for numerous clients, assisting in website redesign and online promotions. Karen’s passion for music, art, fashion, and culture keep her out on the town and online in search of her next adventure.

Ben Kirby

Ben brings 36 years of accounting experience working with small and start-up businesses. In this role, Ben directs all financial aspects of the business including accounting practices, bookkeeping, budgeting, and financial planning.
As founder of KFS Software, Ben was a pioneer in personal computer software design during the 1980s-90s with “The Accountant” small business accounting systems. Moving on, in 1996, he became the CFO of Butte Creek Brewing Company and worked with the team which took the company public in 2005 as Golden West Brewing Company, Inc.
In 1975, Ben received a B.S. degree in accounting from The University of Florida, College of Business Administration.

Ryan Wheaton

With over twelve years of design experience, Ryan has worked in branding, identity, packaging, web design, large format printing, vehicle wraps, retail displays and trade show displays. With the increase of social media and web applications, Ryan has migrated much of his design work online. When Ryan is not hacking at code and designing, he is a musician, cook, and enjoys riding the custom ‘76 cafe racer motorcycle that he built.

Tara Wright

Tara manages our social media department and has a rather obsessive love of social media and all things blog. Her former “mom blog” was recognized by Blog World within its first 6 months, catapulting her into the world of online marketing. Hired by Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers to help kickstart his side project, Suspended Sunrise Recordings, Tara acted as social media manager for the label as well as their first band (The Make). Tara has worked with the likes of ESPN, and Fox Sports and brings her knowledge, passion and expertise of social media platforms to SynMedia.

Andrea Bassi

While pursuing her Anthropology degree from CSU Chico, Andrea still found herself torn between the arts and the sciences. Turns out her current position allows her to do both. Balance her love of humanity of past and present with a background in Art and Design, you have a social media specialist with a deep understanding of both people and pop culture. Add in her knack for writing and Andrea is right at home crafting content, conducting research, collecting data and promoting brand awareness. She’s our resident Pinterest “Pin”cess and is always looking for creative ways to boost fan engagement. When she’s not nerding out on the web, she’s playing in the dirt, in the kitchen and whenever possible, outdoors.

Dallas Oliver

Dallas has been with SynMedia for nearly four years. His days and nights are devoted to social media marketing, content aggregation and maintaining various websites and blogs for clients in the overall portfolio.

Colin Leiker

Colin grew up in Los Angeles, and at a very early age began playing with pixels. During his years at University he developed a passion for photography and videography, where his interests in digital production were combined with a life-long love of motion graphics. When he's not sitting in front of the computer screen making magic, he enjoys rock climbing, hiking & camping.

Mike Valdez

You know “that guy” who’s always in a good mood and has nothing but positive things to say? That’s Mike.  With a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for making clients happy, Mike pushes pixels like nobody’s business. When he’s not designing, Mike’s pursuing his degree at CSU Chico and is a popular local DJ spinning vinyl whenever he can.